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April 5th,2021

-Added training videos, Click Here to View. We will be making more to cover all aspects of the software

-After rotating the computer, certain parts (i.e. case screws) were not oriented properly, this will be fixed in the next release. This should cover all other hardware as well.

Known Issues:
-Dropping items at odd angles can cause it to be partially lodged in another. Although it doesn't hinder gameplay, it doesn't visually look correct. You can always move it to fix it.
-The game may give errors during gameplay, although not common. It is better to press "OK" which will continue on, pressing "Cancel" will close the program. If their are a lot errors, hold the ENTER key to clear them all and keep playing. These typically do not affect the data, the error is usually for that instance but will be saved again.
-Rapidly picking up dropped items can lock the inventory for everything else, restart the game to correct it. To avoid this issue, take your time picking items up, avoid rapid clicking. We are still investigating this issue.

February 17th,2021

New Update available!
-PC Builder Mode added
-PC Repair Mode avaialable
-Lab Editor available
-More hardware, CD-DRIVE, Sata Cables, Power Supply cables / assemblies, etc.
-Added video wall to the mall level, if you have this complete it will give you extra perks in money and xp
-Added option to Boot computer if all main components were installed and working
-More information about the system is displayed in the scenario manager
-Save / Load options, they should be rarely used as the game auto saves. These are only for really building a PC as it can take time and it allows the player to save the current state, then come back later to finish it. Do not load an old profile as it will overwrite your existing data
-All major items can now be damaged during the game, before we were limited to several items only. The entire code has been revamped to also include the difficulty level
-Updates to the Launcher with Licensing and bug fixes

-Dropping items into the lab / level was redone to remove multiple instances, now only using 1 instance to remove risk of INVALID POINTER error
-Saving picked up items from the task at hand was redone to remove multiple instances, now only using 1 instance to remove risk of INVALID POINTER error
-Fixed saving of player money to remove multiple instances, now only using 1 instance to remove risk of INVALID POINTER error
-Patched instance of selecting an incorrect part, now if you want to fix it, or just mess around, press and hold F3 and F4 at same time while clicking to install a part, this will disable the compatibility check
-When ESD is discharged to an item to damage it depending on the item type, the player ESD is reset
-Fixed launcher account settings as profile 1 was always selected
-Fixed RAM Slot tabs, they were reversed and didn't disappear when the slots were removed
-Fixed dropping of items and damage levels

October 29th,2020

Additions / Fixes:
-Updated the launcher to link Computers Built and to also allow for graphics updates for different languages when changed in the options
-Fixed up loose ends in code that lead to dead ends
-Updated graphics in the skills panel
-Added an in game help section that automatically shows up when the game loads, player has to manually set to off
-Fixed bug when you upgraded the toolbelt skill (the update wouldn't show for 30 seconds), it is now instant

October 25th,2020

Additions / Fixes:
-Updated the launcher to add Forum link
-Fixed the little gray box that is below the player
-Started working on PC Builder play mode, will see what I can do here. I just finished the main code, but I need to run through the game play to make sure everything makes sense
-Fixed the ram slots, ATX Main Power Input Connector, the fan connector, and SATA conncetors so they can only be added if the mainboard is installed

October 21st,2020

Additions / Fixes:
-Updated the launcher so it is more fit for Steam
-Removed CDKey system for Steam version as this is now linked to accounts
-Submitted launcher software to VirusTotal and no threats detected with over 70 malware packages
-Added case side panel and the screws
-Enabled the LEDs / Fans when the system is turned on which adds pretty cool effects. You can buy differnet color fans to change the output
-Enabled the "early BIOS" and OS boot sequence if you want to test the PC. This section is not complete and is rough, but gets the idea across
-Fixed some general gameplay including removing the GUI

Known Bugs:
-Language conversion, I did my best but open to help from translators (German, French, Spanish, Japanese)
-The game launcher "crs_x32.exe" has not been signed, nor submitted to many antivirus programs yet. This program will show a false positive as ransomware due to the fact it is saving files in batches (i.e. in options when saving your settings it will write up to 10 data files at once). Do not be alarmed, just let us know or submit to your antivirus provider and they can review and white list it.
-All software was submitted to, system is protected 24/7
-Randomly dropping an item (one out of several hundred), the item may be NULL / Empty...its gone
-When trying to install a part, you may see no options to select from. This is still being investigated, but if I can get any help with duplicating it, that would be great.

December 28th, 2019

New Launcher Available V2.0.0.2, Please Update Launcher to Fix Bug

Additions / Fixes:
-Fixed bad bug where the launcher would delete the d3dx9_42.dll file every time the launcher was opened, this is now fixed
-Set the XP gain to x3 instead of x1
-Can now buy and use basic tools at start of game to eliminate annoying start
-Patched the installation of items to try and fix the "wrong item" bug, please report this bug if you still see it, I am not yet convinced I have it 100% solved as it was assumed a timing bug.
-Patched the positioning on some items (i.e. RAM) when interacting with the technology
-Adjusted the random failure rates, they seemed a bit high

Known Bugs:
-Not all of the keys are programmed (i.e. stats - this is in the profile screen and not in game, finances - this isn't added yet). If you use one of these keys you will get an error message, it's best not to use them.
-Language conversion, I did my best but open to help from translators (German, French, Spanish, Japanese)
-The game launcher "crs_x32.exe" has not been signed, nor submitted to many antivirus programs yet. This program will show a false positive as ransomware due to the fact it is saving files in batches (i.e. in options when saving your settings it will write up to 10 data files at once). Do not be alarmed, just let us know or submit to your antivirus provider and they can review and white list it.
-The .exe files of the game in the root folder have been known to randomly freeze becuase antivirus programs will block them as the software will save game / player data every so often and it may be flagged as suspicious. We will keep working on getting these falst postiveis submitted
-All software was submitted to, only the "crs_x32.exe" came back on 1/67 programs, however I am working with them right now to resolve this false positive. All files scanned with local Antivirus scanner, system is protected 24/7
-Malwarebytes scan results (no threats detected, also scanned game and installer files)
-Game Launcher will sometimes say there are updates but when you go to the updates page, no updates are avaialble. Don't worry, the tag on the main page just needs adjusted, as long as your version matches the remote, you are good.
-Only Random and World Editor are currently avialable, all other modes will be available in future updates
-If you have a system that contains LEDs, you can use the "K" key to toggle on/off, this was a developer feature I am using to for the upcoming release to supply power to the system etc.

November 19th, 2019

IMPORTANT: As a new player, you need to earn 100 points in skill by removing and adding what you can on the computer. Once you achieve 100 points, go to skills and use it on your Tool Skill. Once this skill is acquired, you can purchase tools and use them for the job. I don't know why I coded it this way, I thought it would be good for a player to get used to the game by adding and removing hardware untilt hey reach 100 xp. Let me know what you think.

Additions / Fixes:
-Updated Launcher to version, avaialable on the website under Downloads. I fixed a bug to enable / disable the Droid under options
-Fixed additional hotkeys from the menu like opening skills, inventory, chat, etc.
-Fixed the Build / Break sticky bug. Left click to activate Build, Right click to deactivate
-Fixed the Office Building#1 map, the job wasn't loading where it should, a simple fix using the world editor, but now published
-Released Update for the Code / Shaders, now at version 2.01, updates all of the game modes with patch, and also fixes the Droid settings issue. This release will be the only one that has this setting change
-Released Game Package on website at (doesn't require update for new users)

Known Bugs:
-Not all of the keys are programmed (i.e. stats - this is in the profile screen and not in game, finances - this isn't added yet). If you use one of these keys you will get an error message, it's best not to use them.
-Language conversion, I did my best but open to help from translators (German, French, Spanish, Japanese)
-The game launcher "crs_x32.exe" has not been signed, nor submitted to many antivirus programs yet. This program will show a false positive as ransomware due to the fact it is saving files in batches (i.e. in options when saving your settings it will write up to 10 data files at once). Do not be alarmed, just let us know or submit to your antivirus provider and they can review and white list it.
-The .exe files of the game in the root folder have been known to randomly freeze becuase antivirus programs will block them as the software will save game / player data every so often and it may be flagged as suspicious. We will keep working on getting these falst postiveis submitted
-All software was submitted to, only the "crs_x32.exe" came back on 1/67 programs, however I am working with them right now to resolve this false positive. All files scanned with local Antivirus scanner, system is protected 24/7
-Malwarebytes scan results (5,689 files scanned in 25s, no threats detected)
-Game Launcher will sometimes say there are updates but when you go to the updates page, no updates are avaialble. Don't worry, the tag on the main page just needs adjusted, as long as your version matches the remote, you are good.
-Only Random and World Editor are currently avialable, all other modes will be available in future updates
-If you have a system that contains LEDs, you can use the "K" key to toggle on/off, this was a developer feature I am using to for the upcoming release to supply power to the system etc.

November 5th, 2019

-November 2nd official release of software on website. If you did not uninstall and reinstall the new version, please do that. Oler game launcher is end of life and will no longer receive updates.

November 2nd, 2019

-Update will be available in the next few days (or today), depends on how much time I have.

July 2nd, 2019

-Fixed critical bug dealing with rotating / moving the systems around as it related to latches that had independent movements and actions. This is now resolved after about 6 months.
-Incorporated the following items into the game + loading of all game playable addition to what is there now (PCI Slots, CPU Socket and latches, CPU, PCI Hardware and Cover Plates, Heat sinks, fans, cables)
-Improved some graphics and how they interacted with level
-Added thermal paste
-Added droid companion with several options to interact with it
-Created specialFX with fans w/ LEDs
-Set max number of dropped items to 500, but can change later. Fixed an indexing bug here too.
-Fixed errors with being able to buy shop items without enough cash
-Added 17 points of monitoring to the players activities, can also be viewed in the launcher
-Added option to turn GUI on and off during gameplay, more for doing videos or presentations
-Only made certain items take ESD damange instead of everything. Doesn't make sense to have screws getting ESD damage.
-The game has been very consistent and reliable during testing, very positive. Most of the long term bugs that were hard to figure out are now seeming to be resolved.

June 28th, 2019

-Fixed the repairing icon bug
-Fixed the total errors getting out of control
-Added PCI covers, GPU, hardware to game
-Improted PCI blank model

January 4th, 2019

-We are making great progress, don't mind it being quiet here, I am not posting updates before the launch. Stay tuned on our Facebook page.

November 26th, 2018

-Fixed CPU case texture
-We hid the starting point in the scenario since it was very annoying during gameplay, it will only be visible in world editor
-added panel to control the scenario (cancelling, get help, timer, display total issues left, etc)
-receive money and XP based upon work / perforrmance in scenario
-increased cost of repairing heavily damaged items, i.e. when items reach 1/100 health, its time to spend some money or buy a new one
-finished the complete cycle of scenarios, now pretty much adding finishing touches and content
-added additional options for peripherals (wireless, BT)
-updated launcher in test bed
-added additional models
-several other various fixes regarding scenario ending / starting

November 25th, 2018

-More code, file, and memory optimized
-Coded in the scenario panel manager with timer, basically manages your current scenario

November 7th, 2018

-Scaled back file size by almost 500MB, improved memory optimization

November 2nd, 2018

-Updated launcher to fix a few minor interface / viewing bugs
-Fixed launcher video page 2 being small, and fixing the indexing when using customr resolutions
-Coding the saving / loading of dropped items from inventory
-Performing memory stress tests and tweaking the game for better memory performance, which should also include a smaller game in terms of file size too

October 28th, 2018

-Fixing mouse overlay messages on a global scale

October 27th, 2018

-Finished the code to add items from inventory to world with full positioning options
-Finished code to pickup items from world back into inventory
-Fixed some texture and model bugs as it related to quality / sizing

October 26th, 2018

-Coded placing of items from inventory into the world with full placement options
-Added more models to the game

October 15th, 2018 (game update: b2002)

-Fixed another resolution issue relating to slower GPUs (or GPUs who have a severe delay in timing) ONLY in the Old CRS Game. Still trying to maintain that as more of a demo while we focus on the full game.
-Fixed launcher views when using smaller resolutions
-Tested level editor world import
-Tested / Fixed loading of worlds during game mode
-Tweaked intro again to accomidate for proper loading of all game resources

October 9th, 2018

-Launcher and World Editor in this update
-Fixed World Editor indexes on doors / outlets
-Updated the profile accounts to show more information

October 4th, 2018

-Patch to the game launcher to fix DPI larger than 100% (fix if your buttons were not showing up correctly)
-Updated the CD-KEY system in the launcher, hopefully it is a bit easier to use
-Updated license server to be more friendly. Basically if you have an email address and any serial number, you can retreive your CD-KEY and it is displayed in the web browser to view, and emailed. Some users could not receive the emails due to domain policies, so displaying it should help this situation.
-Fixed Light Switch 2 bug in world editor
-Fixed door switch when clicked before it finished
-Fixed door angles when creating new doors, before the angle was off, but now should be fixed

October 2nd, 2018

-Added mod to edit the intro graphic for a scenario for customization (500x350 pixels)
-Added mod to create new doors / outlets, and supply properties
-Created more 3D content to add to the world, will continue to do this while coding the remaining portions of the game
-Patched the world editor IMPORTER to speed it up, and update the directX version

September 28th, 2018

-The world editor is complete, working on integrating all of the external tools with the new launcher so it can link to the game.

September 22nd, 2018

-Completed the world editor options to change the temperature, humidity, time of day, and where the weather starts / stops, next up power outlets and data outlets so that equipment can be plugged in (distance on the cables will also play a part of this). Users in the game will need to move their equipment to different locations depending on the power requirements.

September 19th, 2018

-Added world editor options to change time, weather, humidity, temperature, and rain wall adjustements (areas where the rain shouldn't be raining like inside the building) and linking to all maps / scenarios.

September 17th, 2018 (Updated Launcher)

-Updated launcher to have option to fix SLOW / SLUGGISH gameplay, it will change system options to allow for smoother gameplay. This problem is mostly seen on onboard video cards.

August 26th, 2018 (BE SURE TO UPDATE)

-New Launcher and Game avaialble to fix some annoying resolution bugs, pointer / texture bugs, and some in game problems
-Updated all downloads to include the latest version (exe and zip downloads)

August 15th, 2018

-Finished moving code, and added option to move items up / down while checking collision with level items
-Fixed floor polygon detection for objects
-Added gravity for objects, so if you are moving a PC across the room you need to keep pressing CTRL to add another 15 seconds of strength, but if you disable move mode or this time reaches 0, the item will drop and depening on how high the fall is, the equipment will take different levels of damage. Added a nice little crash sound too!

August 14th, 2018

-Stability / Reliability testing in inventory / adding and removing items, things have been extremely stable and working as expected. Well over 35 game launches without any problems, the game appears to be consistent.
-Added option to move your work around the lab / space so you can begin to customize the experience a bit better, or can followthrough moving items around as it calls within the scenario
-Fixed a GUI only issue in regards to the new inventory showing the last item in slot 10 in slot 1
-Finishing the template on the first 2 items in the scenario so I can test the scenario control panel (clock, requirements, cancel etc)
-Developed new simplified code to add items much more quickly to the game than before (before it took about 25 min to add an item, now it would take about 5)
-Launcher: Replaced the credits with a more simplified version
-Launcher: Added Video Aspect as an option, basically when you change resolution, if it isn't showing right, you can toggle this feature and the in game camera lens will adjust the aspect to give extra video options

August 11th, 2018

-Stability / Reliability fixes, and then tested extensively
-Fixed rain issues (minor)
-Completed Pick a Part interface and code for all 10 items in viewport, can also change with page forward / back
-Added closing window before engine closes

August 8th, 2018

-Stability and Reliability testing
-Added new option to fix Camera Aspect Ratio (enable or disable), for some resolutions it makes the enviorment render better, but not for all of them
-Added crosshair pointer option, just need to tweak how it is enabled / disabled, now it uses a mapped key, but may change
-Updated Window Mode, you can now stretch the borders and the game will scale properly, can be used if no other resolution is appearing properly for some reason
-Added the following resolutions, and rewrote the way it is handled to add a wider support of 4:3, 16:9, 16:10:

July 30th, 2018

-Fixed window bug where you couldn't click at the top 30 pixels of screen, window would close and bad things happened, so this is fixed
-Fixed the 1366x768 resolution issue for good, had a typo of 760 instead of 768 so it now registers correctly
-Money system patch
-Debug log file patch
-Fixed layout to be a bit more comfortable with resolutions 1366x768 and lower, althought not recommended
-Added all 40 categories of hardware installations with no compatibility check and with compatibility check, now can be dependent on mission and scenario, or if you just want to build a pc
-Fixed rain sound function duplication
-Fixed night sound function duplication
-Added 2 skills for all beginners to get them going, (to buy first tools, and have 1 toolbelt slot for tools)
-Main BIOS functions created, just need to duplicate them out
-OS Installation interfaces and operating system in progress
-Adding hardware to scenario now to begin making sure all items change appropriatly

July 23rd, 2018

-Working on bringing the code together with all other parts of the game
-Created the portal to begin coding the software simulations with the hardware...such as operating systems and such.

July 22nd, 2018

-Working on bringing the code together with all other parts of the game

July 21st, 2018

-Working on bringing the code together with all other parts of the game

July 20th, 2018

-Working on bringing the code together with all other parts of the game

July 19th, 2018

-Working on bringing the code together with all other parts of the game

July 18th, 2018

-Working on bringing the code together with all other parts of the game

July 17th, 2018

-Modified a few things in inventory to help game flow
-Started on selection of parts using compatibility (or no compatibility)

July 13th, 2018

-Did more testing and addressed a single bug found, otherwise everything is working FANTASTIC! (tools, damaged items, grouping, selling, equipping, binding, activating, etc)

July 12th, 2018

-Finished adding the code to create damage on tools all the way through to the end (complete)
-Tested the new build on 2 different systems (desktop / laptop) with entirely new GUI (the game is UNRECOGNIZABLE, not showing too much yet, keeping it close)
-Tested entire system of tools, damage, repairing, selling, picking up damaged and good items
-For every single item, we now have support for damage % from 2 to 100%. The more you use a tool, the more damage it will take. Higher level tools will take less damage, and there are a shit ton of combos one could use to find hidden easter eggs that may help them along the way

July 11th, 2018

-A lot of work, too much to cover, but hours were spent adding stuff to the game

July 10th, 2018

-Added complete ESD system so you are required to buy proper gear from the shop, then equip it to eliminate any ESD damage on electronics. ESD bound toolbar system also added along side the other bound functions.
-Added Music System so players can play, stop, or choose music selection during game play. Professional versions support importing of your own music to play or utilize within another scenario
-Cleaned up intro a bit more
-Fixed right click issues where it made the user experience SOOOO much better
-Added flash light (white light, although you may choose Red, Green, or Blue lights), solder iron, esd wrist strap to game and they are all fully functional now

July 9th, 2018

-Added support for 1366x768, the work around now is to set it 1920x1080 at full screen, but this will be fixed in next update
-Created new intro music / loading screen
-Finished the flash light code or toolbelt
-Finished the soldering tool code for toolbelt
-Setup more reset options and screen adjusts for certain menus that would fall off the screen
-Finished the soldering tool code for toolbelt
-Added a bunch of language support in game

July 8th, 2018

-Added flashlight equipping with different brightness / color schemes

July 5th, 2018

-General bug fixes in new version (i.e. inventory right clicking when menu doesn't appear right)
-Addition of a user interface for enabling / disabling build and break mode, inspect mode with 2 minute cooldown (not available if difficulty is above Medium), Quick Equip for flash light and soldering iron.
-Allowance of using 2 tools to complete a task (i.e. removing component with solder gun and tweezers or pliers) is now supported

June 29th, 2018

-Graphics integration on the special release for magazine

June 27th, 2018

-Major progress in new CRS version which will be avialable soon. Everything from having tools enabled before working, to tweaking interfaces messages and more. All descriptors have been coded for every item which means mouse over functions that show object names will be used within the interfaces.fw764.o
-Our graphics are being reworked by a professional graphics designer

June 26th, 2018

-Coding new CRS Version 2 essentially, linking items and beginning to layout the new scenarios and additional features that the new version brings. The nice part is that this is all new development and bringing the loose ends together. Also making sure we have 4 to 5 different languages is working out well.

June 13th, 2018

-SSL Website links were rerouted by host after switch over, so most of the Launcher checks / balances that used links were broken, these are now fixed
-IMPORTANT: To Fix Your Current Launcher, you must run the Game Updater "Update CRS" or search / run CRS_Updater.exe, this will get the right launcher with the fixes
-This release of the launcher will have most of the 5 languages we have been working on which includes English, German, Japanese, Spanish, and French.
-If you have any problems with this, please ask us for help

June 12th, 2018

-Still working on language support
-Prototype bug fix: When moving shop window around, icon 1 was a bit off
-Prototype bug fix: The Text Popup when you mouse over an item, it somehow broke but will be fixed soon

June 11th, 2018

-Still working on language support

June 10th, 2018

-Still working on language support
-Migrating the game, started today, but made major progress. This is where it has to go.

June 7th, 2018

-Language conversion in progress, more than we originally anticipated, but this is all good stuff.
-Agreement signed with JLCPCB so we can begin to incorporate and showcase their market leading technology and experience with PCB boards. We can build scenarios around this.

June 5th, 2018

-Released updated version of the Launcher with some language support. Not done yet, but partial release.

June 4th, 2018

-Added support for French, English, Spanish, German, and Japanese into about 75% of the launcher so far, you will begin to see updates for this with some easy selections of your preferred language. We can add more languages later on.
-The game will have support for certain languages but not all immediatly (i.e. Japanese language support in game play), but I know how to add this support (it deals with unicode file formats)
-Going to continue adding the language support, hope this will be wrapped up within about a week. If you find any errors, please report them on our Forums

June 3rd, 2018 (Launcher Update Available)

-Added German and Japanese support to the main Launcher page, work in progress still. Once you change your language setting in Options, you will need to Save Settings, then Restart the Launcher before the change will take affect.

May 29th, 2018

-Working on language conversion across the board

May 22nd, 2018

-Updated Launcher to support showing notifications when an update is available, also it will set the best game resolution based upon your monitor, with an option to use the help/more option to have the launcher fix your video resolution issues.

May 20th, 2018

-Fixed when adding a new part. Depending on where the mouse was at the time, it may have tried to select a part within the same frame. This is now patched.

May 18th, 2018 (Launcher Update to Fix SSL Issues)

-Get the latest launcher ( by going to "Update Game" from the Launcher. This will relink the pages but using SSL 256-bit encryption.

May 17th, 2018 (in-game Update Only)

-We are implementing SSL across the board to improve on our security. During this time, the website may go up and down.

May 16th, 2018 (in-game Update Only)

-Fixed: Inventory icons not updating when selling
-Fixed: Scenario Mode, it was missing the Case pointer and certain things didn't work (i.e. you couldn't add the side panel)
-Fixed: Music play, pause, stop layering showing through into inventory / shop
-This is available as an update only, just go to Update in the menu

May 13th, 2018

-Please be sure to update your game, we fixed all known bugs as of Sunday 3:50pm EST
-Players who bought the game still had the 5 minute bug, and inventory wasn't saving, this is now fixed
-Movement Speed between 1x and 20x is now all fixed
-New Update Available for Launcher and Game to patch over 20 bugs, thank you for reporting the bugs
-Has anyone tried the Insane difficulty yet? lol

May 12th, 2018

-Fixed the Battery bug
-Added 4 levels of difficulty (stage 1)
-Linked the custom controls to moving, panning, tilting, leveling, so players can customize which keys do what

May 11th, 2018


May 2nd, 2018

-Migrating the launcher to the Candidate Release look and feel, adding a lot of checks and balances plus system compatibility
-Planning on adding an account import / export so that you can move your accounts around easily if need be

May 2nd, 2018

-A lot of substancial progress across the board
-Dealing with legal paperwork for project

April 29th, 2018

-Overhauling the Launcher to improve on system compatibility and updates, displaying more useful information when you need it

April 26th, 2018

-Added a preloading screen while the video is adjusted to cover the nasty nasty models being thrown around into place
-Tested Information / Multiplayer chat using different clients
-Fixed the sun blaring through the ground and in the sky at the same time (certain video cards)
-Adjusted shadows so that they only appear when there is a proper light source, and no more floating shadows / shadows at night
-Adjusted the rain so it doesn't fall within a building, also corrected some transparency properties on the weather

April 26th, 2018

-Created custom game loader instead of looking at some dots on the screen (makes the software more professional)
-Added Information panel to allow the game to supply details to user. Use buttons up and down to scroll through history
-Added Multiplayer chat panel for player to player communication. Use buttons up and down to scroll through history
-Added notification to users running lower resolutions, they may use F1 and F2 to scroll menus up and down so they can access everything
-Will begin implementing file encryption on the game contents to protect intellectual property

April 22th, 2018

-New Option "Solo Menu" added on Launcher > Options > General Option > More Options, which allows the player to confirm how the menus are controlled
-Upgraded game engine by 7 years, which will greatly improve everything from compatibility to enhanced features
-BUG FIX: Fixed game downloads on website, certain players expressed installation issues, so we must fix the downloads to avoid future problems (at least we know now)
-New levels being created for new code base (for the big release), and the cool thing is that we can have up to 100 different levels per DLC, and if the player wants to modify an existing level or put another bench in, they can do that using the level editor
-Implementing a multiplayer chat system for communication at first, panel will also display information about the game and events

-BUG FIX: Added an extra second during the loading time, certain video cards need an extra moment to prepare the resolution properly.

April 19th, 2018

-Made generic back ground graphics for the World Editor panels, what I had before was too much
-Fixed all scaling issues with models, this allows for faster world builds
-Continued work on migration which is going very well

April 18th, 2018

-Copperhead Studio llc to acquire Computer Repair Simulator to take it to the next stage of its life. All licensing systems will remain the same, so don't worry, however the game is about to morph for the better.

April 18th, 2018

-Worked on more migration from old to new system, making some really good progress! This will be great because all game features will be finally all functional and linked which includes the shop, inventory, part selection, all options, full blown scenarios, story mode, etc.

April 16th, 2018

-Modeled and placed Hard Drives
-Fixed minor case flaw in texture

April 11th, 2018

-NEW RELEASE for Random / Scenario: Video Card, PCI Slot Cover Plates, Case Fans, many screws. Slightlyl updated room. Bug fixes (the ghost icon when opening the inventory is now fixed).
-I think I may add more inventory slots, finish the PC, then add connectivity between devices, then have user install an OS and set the IP address.

April 9th, 2018

-Fixed the clipboard money given compared to what was given, these didn't match, but do now
-Added new hardware to the random scenario, such as video cards, PCI covers, etc.

April 7th, 2018 (New Launcher Release, Please Update)

-The bug with a professional CD-KEY closing the game after 10 minutes has been fixed!

April 5th, 2018

-Fixed some bugs on the Launcher
-Added some things on Launcher for support ONLY

April 4th, 2018

-Fixed some bugs on the Launcher
-Added some panels on Launcher for support ONLY

April 3rd, 2018

-Fixed some bugs on the Launcher
-The "Game CD-Key" window has a new look

April 1st, 2018

-Fixed the Level Editor when loading any world where it threw exceptions for MUSIC and WEATHER with invalid pointers
-Added holding Left Control while using pan, tilt, zoom in level editor will make it an integer (easier to align items)
-We did an update on the Launcher, replaced the RSupport button for Special codes. You can reset multiple configurations and profiles now

March 31st 2018 (New Release, Please Update)

-With my new developer, we were able to accomplish the following in this update
*Made the Loader only avaialble on the website for initial download. This allows a smaller 400KB file to be downloaded first rather than a 1GB file. Once you open the launcher, it will download the latest game patch.
*We removed the yellow / red dummy textures and replaced with ghostly views of the device itself
*Several minor cosmetic issues were corrected, including resolution adjustment and some model mistakes
*Added hardware to NEW inventory system and shop (CHECK IT OUT IN WORLD EDITOR, TRY YOUR INVENTORY AND SHOP OPTIONS)

March 27th 2018

-Linked F1 and F2 to slide the windows up and down for any computer / monitor playing with a resolution of 1440x900 or lower (i.e. 1280x1024)

March 26th 2018 (New Release, Please Update)

-More patches today after several more reports of bugs have been reported.

March 25th 2018 (New Release, Please Update)

-Released a flurry of patches today based upon several bug reports, please keep them coming (

*Fixed work order and money showing decimal places, everything should be rounded

*Added in Launcher / Game the option to change Video Aspect Ratio. The full screen had a big bug so now it is fixed. Added support for 1440x900 resolution to menus

*Fixed icons in menu when repairing, so they show that they are repaired.

*Inventory was very laggy (because it updated every icon almost every 2 frames), so now I improved the code so it is only run when it needs to run

*In the Random / Scenario gameplay, you may now use the Debug command "/fps" to show game FPS and a bunch of other info, good to see why the game is bogging down if you experience it. To activate debug mode, just press the ? key in the game, then press ENTER to insert the curser, then type the command and press ENTER.

*Some systems didn't load the resolution before the game, so items were not aligned on the screen. I added an extra 2 seconds before launching any panels so that the resolution loads properly

*Increased the time between deleting, copying/pasting files by 1 additional second, this should help certain systems handle the game

*Added the dreaded 10 minute Free Play Mode Countdown, so if you have not purchased the Professional License, the game will turn off every 10 minutes. I appreciate everyones help on making this game what it is, but now that I am migrating over to a more commercial based developer, I need to begin migrating the code over slowly.

March 17th 2018

-Linked the toolbar with the inventory so you can create some shortcuts for tools / accessories

March 15th 2018

-Adding notes and additional purchasing options to the website
-coding items being selected and installed, and being dropped. Figured it would be cool if you could place objects to the world.

March 12th 2018

-Inventory is done, working great. Buying / selling / websites, etc all linked and tested
-Was in Ireland for a week, pretty nice there
-Identified issues in regards to User Access Control in Windows and created a troubleshooting guide on the website

February 28th 2018

-Inventory is going extremely well, adding extra features such as categories, filtering, options of displaying broken items only, dropping items, selling items, etc.
-If you are still suffering from the Texture#24 through Texture#28 bug, please go to RSupport in the launcher and type in "101" and press OK to fix your game.
-Not bad, about 30,000 lines of code so far for the inventory in less than a week
-GRINDING the crap out of the inventory system, day in / out.

February 26th 2018

-added reset option for all in game menus (but not for the world editor yet)
-added second movement code, with resetting the pan movement (for those who said the movement was weird)
-linked the shop to the inventory system, and saving the inventory now (first of its kind, no inventory has been saved to date)
-GRINDING the crap out of the inventory system, day in / out.

February 25th 2018

-Just getting a lot of stuff done, not posting details, too many to cover

February 24th 2018

-Inventory all designed out

February 23rd 2018

-Inventory design and implementation is going very well. Not much to speak of yet.

February 21st 2018

-Added additional movement code that orients player properly after turning (can change in options)
-Still migrating inventory, but going really well so far

February 19th 2018

-Working out the finite details with inventory, giving a major make over.

February 10th 2018

-Support for 101 scenarios in each DLC, which can be easily swapped out by other DLCs to get an infinite amount of gameplay.
-Created the level editor <> scenario converter within the launcher
-Finished coding the level loader for all 101 scenarios

January 26th 2018

-Game Update b0010 resolves more major video card issues, including when you begin receiving MAP27 and CIRCUIT Texture errors. This affects DirectX12 and newer graphics cards such as the 1070 series and family.

January 17th 2018

-Showcasing some Black Box Corporation technology, go check them out at
-Still working on integrating some code so that everything somewhat links. There are still a few items that need addressed such as:
*Don't press F4 or F5, they seem to close / crash the game
*Connecting the power cord sometimes throws an invalid pointer, no worries this was brand new code that wasn't fine tuned

January 14th 2018

-I believe all bugs have been fixed if using launcher version and build version b0008. Please submit your remaining bugs to me so I can address them (some people still claim the LARGE KINGSTON RAM STICK when the camera moves away too far from the object, I say this is a marketing advert lol. No but this should be fixed, let me know if you still see this issue after updating to the latest version).
-My next step is to integrate the old "prototype" code I just fixed up in the last 3 days into the "new modular code" so that I can rapidly release new scenarios.
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

January 13th 2018

-Launcher version fixes the "Play Now" button where the settings were not copied properly (i.e. resolution, controls), fixed now in this launcher version.
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

January 13th 2018

-Another Major Release of All of the gameplay was debugged and over 200 issues were fixed. Sorry about that, it should play much smoother now.
-I can't even begin to go over the updates, just check it out.
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

January 10th 2018

-Starting the custom pc builder to allow for simuluation of build, powerup, and configuration
-Implemented the game update system, hopefully this works well. Be sure the game isn't running if you are running the updater
-The current game mods are only TEMP, I am migrating the code to intermix the good with the good, I know there are numerous bugs with it currently, but I am addressing these now
-Created Remote Support tool so I can easily resolve game issues if need be
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

January 7th 2018

-Major Update Available
-Download New Version Now
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

January 6th 2018

-Pre-Order will soon be available on our site
-Added a lot of new stuff in next release
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

January 2nd 2018

-Added Player Start MOD
-Added Scenario / Level Introduction MOD
-Added Water MOD
-Added Terrain MOD
-Big Fixes: Launcher was tested across multiple systems and several issues were found and fixed.
-Bug Fixes: Game had several bugs (i.e. when selecting a plane) which have been identified and resolved.
-Major improvements to the graphics settings and render quality
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

December 22nd 2017

-New Release, available at Here
-If you create a nice level and want to have it published in the Computer Repair Simulator game, please let me know The level editor is at a point where it can be used to create worlds / scenarios. The only thing that is missing is the hardware configurator to create scenarios, but that is next on the list. As always, please report any bugs back to me.
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

December 21st 2017

-Fixed Licensing system a bit to get rid of prompts you don't need to see
-Bug fixes and testing, several issues were found in the launcher options and game which have been identified and resolved
-Created Add Door option, need to code it out. This will allow interactive doors to be added, with passwords which will need to be found during exploring and fixing computers
-Fully completed the Player Start option, now you can choose where the player starts on the x/y/z/pan coordinates and positions respectively
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

December 20th 2017

-Updated the Software Serial Number and CD-KEY system to validate proper licensing which will be implemented at a later time
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

December 19th 2017

-Finished the world editor / scenario editor music system, we (or you) can import music files and have them playing during gameplay
-Support for customized temperature, humidity, time for each level / scenario
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

December 17th 2017

-Finished the lighting system where it saves / loads properly.
-Development release available on our facebook page
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

December 16th 2017

-Created lighting system with colors, strengths, and flickering options
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

December 11th 2017

-Bug fixes, and streamlining the world editor usage
-Fixed minor database bug that was caused by a user error, just put a minor patch in to fix it until it is refreshed
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

December 10th 2017

-World editor almost done, working on lighting systems, starting points, scenario loads, etc.
-Imported over 350 models into the world editor, just making some worlds now to test / tweak it.
-Increased SpecialFX from 25 total to 25 of each (turns 25 into about 150 particle systems)
-Working on door systems
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

November 30th 2017

-World editor graphics update to make consistent with other parts of the game
-World editor soundFX addition
-World editor particle system addition
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

November 26th 2017

-Completed MODs section to allow for importation of soundFX, Music, and models for the level editor
-Completed auto-update for the game, with version verification from remote server
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

November 7th 2017

-Linked a bunch of skills to the newly created shop
-Created toolbelt / shortcut bar for frequently used items such as screws and cagenuts
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

November 5th 2017

-Finished 16 categories today for items on User Mods and Shop to import hardware into the game
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

November 2nd 2017

-Added Racks, Cabinets, Network Switches, UPS Systems, PDUs, KVM Switches, and more to go
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

November 1st 2017

-Fixed bug when adding 3D model via the mods area, fixed another bug with level editor
-Created auto-update system for the launcher and game to avoid repeated downloads / installs by existing users (sorry)
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

October 30th 2017

-Added peripherals such as USB/PS2/Serial Mice, and PS2/USB keyboards, mods complete
-Added Desktops to be used for jobs, mods complete
-Added Laptops to be used for jobs, mods complete
-Added Servers to be used for jobs, mods complete
-Added Tools to be used for jobs, mods complete
-Fixed bug with all existing user mods where 3D Model was not always copied, now copies 100%
-Fixed Level Editor if you tried to make a new map name, but it was left empty
-Preparing BIOS screens for OS installation and hardware tweaking
-Keys for version are M=GIVE XP, V=ADD MONEY, N=TAKE MONEY for testing
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

October 28th 2017

Version (Public Release)
-Public Release with following features supported
*Level Editor w/o models, only structure (no others work at this time)
*Game is considered to not be a game as no playable parts are available, only for bug testing / development reasons
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

September 7th 2017

-Added case sides, screws, water cooling, pci cards
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

July 23rd 2017

-Cases, Motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, Ram, Power Supplies, Fans, CPU Heatsinks, CD/DVD Drives, and Hard Drives have been added
-Sorted out a few oddities with overlapping data, should be cleaned up now (so much nice to have code structure)
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

July 22nd 2017

-Memory, Video Cards, CPUs, Cases, Motherboards, and Power Supplies have been coded in, including mods
-More updates at our Facebook page Click Here

July 10th 2017

-I lost part of my update logs, sorry guys, the history of logs found on this page do not accurately represent the game status
-Finishing up the Shop and beginning to link the inventory
-Shop is almost done, skills have been linked, achievements added, etc., things are coming together

July 6th 2017

-Working on the integration of items for the game for residential, commercial, and manufacturers. This will allow any user to upload any content and apply properties in scenarios, along with setting the details on how to win the scenario.
-Researching SVNs for auto-update, leaning towards WINscp due to the capabilities and legal aspects
-Working on the mod editor, so after adding a new item and entering the properties, the game launches and will allow you to view / inspect the object for accuracy. During this time, the item is added to the game database so the shop / inventory will auto update with the items immediatly.
-added code to import the game license to unlock full version

June 26th 2017

-I have not been updating this often, but the skills have been finished, next working on inventory and shop

April 3rd 2017

-Working on the world editor this evening, making a lot of good progress

March 22nd, 2017

-I have been lazy on updates, but not development. Really working on boring items such as message bars, panels, text, basic game play, etc.

February 17th, 2017

-Created additional graphics for the CD-KEY registration process to alert users of next steps

February 16th, 2017

-Designing scenario modes where users will be able to create a custom game.Here are some of the features planned for this:
-----Custom electronic assembly builds, built up by the player who can use a library of components / parts
-----Importing of new models / parts / components via the Game Launcher. User will be able to enter properties and find the model (.mdl format)
-----Custom weather / disasters for scenario, set by player. Includes items such as loss of power due to storms, floods, earthquake (shaking camera), visibility issues, fire, snow, etc.. All of these are designed to allow a true custom scenario dealt with by real field technicians across the globe. I can confirm as I have been through hurricanes, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, forest fires, etc. while traveling / performing my job. Obviuosly not during the operation, but it was part of the adventure. If you max the settings out on this, the end player will virtually not be able to complete the job, but it will be fun.
-----Custom properties for each item, this also includes custom scripts of how the object should act. This could be a risk due to the fact the player can make any part do anything, but this is the plan
-----Custom game mode. Building/Repairing/Assembly/Diassembly Electronic Assemblies / Computers.
-----Optional tests that can be created by teachers and professors via the Launcher and Game. Options to allow redos or a number of tries before failure.
-----Central upgrade to the server to implement it in the game so others can play the scenario, along with IMPORT/EXPORT options so you can share scenarios with your friends
-This mode will allow players to add items such as components, sub-assemblies, ciruits, hardware, software, racks / cabinets, servers, displays, phones, electrical boxes / wires, UPS systems, cable runways / under floor access, cooling systems KVM equipment, power distribution, video walls, converters, extenders, etc.

February 15th, 2017

-Added the menus for loading and clearing level editor maps
-Created file structures for the files to be accessed
-Improved menu operation during game play, fixed overlapping windows being dragged together (original alpha release bug now considered fixed)
-Fixed issue when you accidently clicked an item when you were really pressing a button in the menu (original alpha release bug now considered fixed)

February 14th, 2017

-Still building the World Editor system. I assume this will be taking up the next few weeks while I continue to develop the system

February 13th, 2017

-Working on new design of the World Editor

February 12th, 2017

-Fixed a few minor bugs with the money system on how it was being displayed in the launcher, bug testing of all components looks good

February 10th, 2017

-Finalized the money system, it can now handle billions of dollars and I added an anti-cheating mechanism.
-Begin working on new level editor

February 9th, 2017

-Coded international money systems and formatting for US, Canada, Europe, UK, and Japan.
-Since the game engine can only handle an integer as large as 2,650,000 and nothing higher, I decided to build a system to allow the game to save money up to $999,999,999,999. This is now complete.

February 8th, 2017

-Continue linking the controls, almost done with this. This also includes movement modes that can modify the keys slightly depending on how a player wants to configure the controls.

February 7th, 2017

-Began coding player movement, and linking the controls.
-Redesigning the level editor to support 10 maps, and better controls / flow.

February 5th, 2017

-Added new option for rendering distance, used to control how far models are visible from. This can help with making the game smoother.
-Created a ticket system in preperation for selling the commercial version. This basically generates a unique ticket that can be used when reqeusting your CD-KEY.
-Cleaning up the editor to make it ready for users (i.e. creating a mini tutorial in the game, and preparing file saving and loading)

February 4th, 2017

-Finished the token between the launcher and the game. This protects the games from being launched without the launcher, hence verifying all settings are within spec to not crash the game engine.
-Created a Computer Repair Simulator World Editor so that developers and players can easily mod the game.
-Fixed bug with the profiles where the serial number was declared tampered with. It was just a section of code missing.
-(Bug Alert) I had to repurpose the "HOTKEY" to "INTERACT" for object clicking. I will need to add the hotkey later as this is not necessary immediatly.

February 3rd, 2017

-Finished the Key Binding code
-Added sign to garage in 3D world
-Added CDKEY check within the game itself

February 2nd, 2017

-Built the first level design to be used.

February 1st, 2017

-Build and tested key binding which was a success. I am just incorporating the other options now.

January 30th, 2017

-More work on importing options / settings. Working on controls now, and creating a binding system.
-(Bug Alert) The game engine doesn't support a detect function for the scroll wheel, it only senses change. This means the scroll wheel can only be bound to moving the camera in/out. I cannot remove it from the existing options just yet because it requires a lot of work to take out. I think for now this is considered a low risk bug and can easily be fixed by factory resetting the control settings.

January 29th, 2017

-Continue to work on importing settings from the launcher, while testing them. Resolution changing and custom resolutions work very well.
-Developing a Debugging system for the game, this will allow us to track bugs easier

January 28th, 2017

-Working on importing settings withing the Game Engine from the Launcher
-Creating Debugging / Troubleshooting system

January 26th, 2017

-Serial Number abuse vulnerability found. (Now Fixed)
-Created a system to only allow unique serial numbers to be activated. When registering, the serial number is checked against the database to be sure it isn't a duplicated copy.

January 25th, 2017

-New Versioning from to
-Beginning work on actual game, first step is to build a developer / debug portal to really get some good stats when something goes wrong, the second item will be importing the options and making sure they work, then the last step is to make sure game was launched properly using the game tokens coming from the Launcher. Once I get something going shortly, I will be making the game available again for QA and bug testing.


January 25th, 2017

-Working on DRM, creating tokens that are used between the launcher and the game to be sure the game is launched properly. The Launcher side is complete. The way the system works is when the game is installed, it will generate a random serial number (random functions using different methods), but we embed something similar to a random SALT, so that the CD-KEY generator makes a key that will ONLY work with that S/N. There is no way to change the S/N once installed, even if you uninstall the game (we have ways of clearing it, but it only manages the license). There are now systems in place to verify if the Serial Number was tampered with (aka someone changing the S/N and CD-KEY in registry simply won't work) and the game will close until properly unlocked. If the Serial Number isn't tampered with, no issues will occur. I also created a token which is sent from the game Launcher to the Game Engine which is extremely unique. There are 10 possible paths which will document the exact time from a second all the way to the year, which then is randomly calculated with part of the Serial Number of the game so that the token will only be alive for maybe a minute or 2 before it expires. Under normal operation, when you start the game from the Launcher, it should take less than 10 seconds (worst case scenario), and if someone did find a crack / equation, they would need to calculate an equation that has 10 different options, which includes variables of the exact time, with a random SALT. If a valid crack was made, it would need to be copied to the directy and the local PC time would need to be just perfect in order for the game to launch.

This was put into place to deter hackers, however the system is hackable, but I don't consider it worth the time.

January 24th, 2017

-Created a circular system during install which will create a unique serial number for the software, while checking for serial number corruption
-Updated user manual

January 21st, 2017

-Created CD-KEY system that generates extremely unique serial numbers for each copy, and a CD-KEY system. The CD-KEY system is very detailed and there is no way of being able to use the same CD-KEY for more than 1 installation using a centralized system.
-Keeping a Guest Account for the game initially so the game can be tested

January 20th, 2017

-Resolved the proifle picture bug, using a different method to get profile image from folder. Prior code was similar to a library where if the image was present within the software, the file could not be modified. Using this different method will only cause the imae to be locked during read/write times only.

January 19th, 2017

-Debugging profile picture, have a funky bug that stops the file from being accessed

January 18th, 2017

-Spent most of my time tonight working on the image profile, and defaulting settings, etc. I still have a little more work to do here, but almost done. This image can then be used within the game as your avatar for local / remote play.

January 17th, 2017

-Worked on Accounts and Profiles, the first game slot for single player is about done
-Implemented CD-KEYs for the game
-Fixed a few random bugs
-I have confirmed that linking of the launcher and the apps will work properly
-Came up with the following game modes: Mini Games, Tutorial, Training, Random, Scenario, Story, Build-a-PC, Custom, Teacher Portal, Student Portal

January 14th, 2017

-Finished sign-in page, this includes the sign up form in HTML and PHP
-Completed basic database
-Completed implementing encryption for passwords
-Researching calls via API to server, for general items (not for critical data)
-Updated user manual

January 12th, 2017

-Finished Network Options where users can enter server information in case the host changes or a local game is started
-Added option to sign up
-Created database structure for accounts
-Researching password encryption, hashing, and salt for passwords

January 11th, 2017

-Research on encryption

January 10th, 2017

-Created the Network Options page, began layout
-Added options to enter a server IP Address, Port #, and Password. Mostly if the main server IP changes, easy way to fix it, other reason is for clients to host the software themselves later on
-Updated the user manual
-Changed the way the user manual was presented in the launcher, it failed to update, so I had to convert it to a webpage

January 9th, 2017

-Added additional option for Shaders which would control how objects are rendered, including reflections
-Added option to change time for actions
-Added additional options for max frame rate (range 1 through 10 fps for debugging purposes)

January 7th, 2017

-Completed the controls page
-Working on the controls checks / balances for the input keys

January 6th, 2017

-Discussions with attorney on trademark, will be processing final paperwork to fully register the name

January 4th, 2017

-Working on the Controls and configuration, mostly done, but need to add checks and balances
-Updated Computer Repair Simulator user manual

January 2nd, 2017

-Trademark / Lawyer work

December 28th, 2016

-Completed second video page settings, this is now considered done. There may be a few more options I may add, but they will be minor ones.
-Finished the Audio options page which controls master volume, music volume, sound volume, and CD Volume (next version you can play your CD music on the radio)
-Added link to the user manual in the game launcher for easier access
-Working on the Movement Options
-Updated Computer Repair Simulator user manual and added link to the home page

December 27th, 2016

-Finished coding all of the video settings which are pretty detailed as is
-Began the Computer Repair Simulator user manual

December 24th, 2016

-Continued working on the video options page 2

December 20th, 2016

-Finished first page of the video options, will continue on the second page

December 19th, 2016

-Continued working on the video options

December 5th, 2016

-Designed Video Options panel
-----Resolution and Custom Resolution
-----Screen mode (no video, window, fullscreen)
-----Gamme value (50 to 150%)
-----Engine Window Alpha (for playing while monitoring)
-----Color Depth (16/32)
-----Camera Field of Vision
-----Frames per Second Max
-----Shadow LOD
-----Shadow Range
-----Shadow Stencil Type
-----Max Particles

December 4th, 2016

-Programmed saving / loading of following options. Also programmed default settings and a few features that go along with it (i.e. if no changes were made, the Save button doesn't show)
-----Difficulty (Save / Load)
-----Movement Speed Modifier (Save / Load)
-----Max Click Distance (Save / Load)
-----Sky Enabled + details (Save / Load)
-----Show Trees (Save / Load)
-----Day / Night Cycle (Save / Load)
-----Time (Save / Load)
-----Language (Save / Load)
-----Currency (Save / Load)
-----Age (Save / Load)

December 3rd, 2016

-Added General Option Items
-----Movement Speed Modifier
-----Max Click Distance
-----Sky Enabled (sky color, weather, sun)
-----Show Trees
-----Day / Night Cycle
-----Age (for presentation and training purposes)

December 2nd, 2016

-Reviewed movement types (freeform like it is today, centralized / click & zoom, custom). I am leaning more on custom movement, so that you have a screen that has a bunch of options such as:
-----Move on X Axis, if yes, select the Forward / Backward type (user defined key or mouse)
-----Move on Y Axis, if yes, select the Left / Right type (user defined key or mouse)
-----Move on Z Axis, if yes, select the UP / DOWN type (user defined key or mouse)
-----PAN View, if yes, select user defined key or mouse, add lower / upper setting constraints
-----ROLL View, if yes, select user defined key or mouse, add lower / upper setting constraints
-----TILT View, if yes, select user defined key or mouse, add lower / upper setting constraints
-----NO KEY CAN OVERLAP, code verification
-----Lock Camera (yes / no), still trying to figure this out, but camera will be centralized above system, difficult to see parts behind parts though in this mode
-----MOVE SYSTEM (X, Y, Z), similar to just moving the item around the table, however no turning / panning can occur here due to object position depencies
-Created more of the launcher interface and graphics

November 29th 2016

-Implemented versioning with new system, starting with
-Launcher GUI Server Status
-Launcher GUI Versioning
-Visual Adjustment to Launcher GUI

November 18th 2016

-Launcher GUI design and programming

October 1st - November 18th 2016

We were involved with a lot of communication with companies, clients, and schools, along with several members of the media executing interviews. During this time we looked at the bugs and several ways to resolve them for the commercial version. We also have been doing a lot of research and development to support some of the additional features that our fan base wants to see. Not a lot of the game was worked on during this time, but it was a good cool down after our initial alpha launch, and good preperation for stage 2. The game concept (yes it had bugs and the controls were not perfect) was proven by this release which has brought in a lot of attention. we hope to keep that going.